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Overview of the BISCA Awards

The British Imams and Scholars Contributions & Achievements (BISCA Awards) is a non-sectarian, non-political and non-profit community venture to highlight positive work of British Imams and Scholars. It seeks to promote good work, encourage excellence, and create a positive environment for the UK society by showcasing inspirational work of Imams and Scholars.

A grassroots initiative, the BISCA project is now building on the success of the inaugural BISCA Awards 2015, which was a significant success story for the whole Muslim community. This was a rare example of the unity and cohesion where Imams and Scholars from all walks of British Muslim life came together to celebrate the good work in our community. Most importantly, this initiative’s strength lies in its ability to engage the wider British Muslim public, who nominate the Imams and Scholars who are making important contributions to the community and making a difference to the lives of those with whom they interact.

Aims of the BISCA project

The Sponsorship Package

Sponsors are an integral part of the BISCA Awards.

In 2015, we were honoured to have a total of 10 charities and organisations sponsor the event, each benefiting from the outstanding promotional and commercial opportunities presented by the awards.

The BISCA project is much more than an awards night. The project runs throughout the year, starting with the promotion of the awards through the appeal for nominations from the general public, shortlisting nominees, engaging with Imams and Scholars and of course the delivery of the prestigious awards.

This Sponsorship Package gives your organisation the opportunity to associate itself with a real community project and exposure among a diverse audience both at the awards dinner and through the many marketing and media exposure pre and post event.

BISCA Awards 2016 Sponsorship Benefits

By becoming Award partner you can achieve the following for your organisation:

The Specifics

The BISCA Award Sponsorship Package includes:

Pre Event

Logo placement and brand recognition through the promotion of the awards via:

On the evening of the event

Post Event

Promotion of the BISCA Awards 2016

The BISCA Awards 2016 will be promoted via various platforms and media including:

Award Category Sponsorship Package Fee

The fee for the Award Category Sponsorship Package for the BISCA Awards 2016 is £1,000

For more information about sponsorship, please contact the BISCA Awards Project Manager, Ridwan Yusoof:

020 3743 9350



BISCA 2016 Sponsors