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The British Imams and Scholars Contributions & Achievements (BISCA) is a non-sectarian, non-political community venture to highlight positive work of British Imams and Scholars. It seeks to promote good work, encourage excellence, and create a positive environment for the UK society by showcasing inspirational work of Imams and Scholars.

Sheikh Fahimul Anam, BISCA Co-Founder

Fahimul AnamSheikh Fahim has an extensive background of Islamic study and is an experienced teacher. He graduated with an MA in Teaching and Learning, and has a Bachelors degree (BA Hons) in Business Studies and Marketing from London. He also completed a Diploma in Arabic and a Bachelors degree (BA) in Usul-Ad-Din and Usul-al Fiqh in Arabic medium from the European Institute of Islamic Sciences in France.

While studying Shariah he completed an intensive Tajwid course on Ibn al-Jazari, a classical Tajwid text, and studied Tajwid extensively under a number of Tajwid scholars. In particular, Sheikh Said Bouhdifi, who obtained Ijazah for ten recitations (Qira’at), from Sheikh Ayman Suaid and from Sheikh Abdul Munim As-Shalati. He also studied under Shaikh Farid (who obtained Ijazah in ten Qira’at from Shaikh Ayman), Shaikh Mabruk and Shaikh Hassan, both also obtained Ijazah from Shaikh Ayman.

Sheikh Fahim had been teaching Aqidah, Fiqh, Usul-al Fiqh, Family Life, Tajwid, Arabic and other Islamic Sciences in the UK in various courses, in particular in Nafar Courses (Understanding Islam), Knowledgeseekers courses (Islamic Sciences), Tartil courses (Beautifying Recitation) and Itqan courses (Perfecting Recitation) in the last 7 years. He also teaches at the Beacon Institute, of which he is one of the founding directors.

He is also the Founding Director & Lead Mediator of Muslim Family Matters, and delivers talks on various Islamic issues at university campuses, Mosques and Islamic Centres. He has recently been working at HM Prison Service as an Imam and leading Jumah prayer at Grendon and Springhill Prisons.


Harris Iqbal, Penny Appeal UK Programmes Manager

Harris Iqbal

Harris holds responsibility for the UK Programmes Department of our charity sponsor Penny Appeal, striving to support hard to reach and disadvantaged groups and communities in the UK.

With over nine years extensive management experience across the public sector working with local authorities, charities and voluntary organisations, he is an experienced practitioner in safeguarding vulnerable groups and driving community driven solutions and has supported sustainable change for families and communities with multiple and complex needs.

Harris works closely with faith groups, Mosques and Islamic societies to provide timely interventions, from emergency aid to ongoing support for the vulnerable. This includes feeding programmes, visiting the sick and elderly and befriending provisions, supporting Muslim foster carers, responding to natural and emergency disasters such as flooding, supporting victims and survivors of domestic abuse through a dedicated domestic abuse unit and more.

Harris is working with BISCA to encourage nominations and recognition of our UK Imams and Scholars, and to support them as they continue their inspiring work.

Fahad Hussain, BISCA Graphics Officer

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