Brief Judging criteria

The general criterion for the Imam and Scholar is that he/she has achieved a degree level traditional learning in the Islamic sciences at a recognised Islamic Seminary here in the UK or abroad. Below are (list not exhaustive) some of the eligibility and judging criteria of the successful awardees.

Inter-faith Work Award

The individual demonstrates that they have carried out interfaith work in their locality or nationally.

Chaplaincy Work Award

The individual demonstrates that they are working in a voluntary or paid capacity in the chaplaincy field.

Community Cohesion Award

The individual is active in promoting community cohesion at local or national level.

Education & Teaching Award

The chosen individual has demonstrated outstanding contribution to education and teaching.

Charity Work Award

The chosen individual demonstrates outstanding contribution in the area of charity work in the UK.

Youth Work Award

The chosen individual demonstrated that he/she has been involved in improving the lives of youth.

Women’s Empowerment Award

The chosen individual demonstrates that he/she has advocated and promoted excellence in empowering women’s participation in society.

Khateeb Award

The chosen individual is recognised in their community for delivering outstanding, educational and insightful Friday sermons.

Da’wah Work Award

The chosen individual has a track record of Da’wah (inviting people to Islam) work in the UK. The individual promotes Islam to the wider public with wisdom and clarity.

Media Engagement Award

The chosen individual has worked and represented Muslims in the media on a variety of issues and concerns.

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